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About thirty years ago an old book grabbed my attention. According to the flyleaf it had been given to someone in 1888. It was ‘Elijah : And the Secret of his Power’ by F B Meyer.

The style of writing was archaic and hard to understand, so I set about re-writing it in modern English.

I failed, many years later I had got to the end, but I had lapsed into the thought patterns of the author, and it was far from modern.

Having retired, my wife and I moved to Devon and joined a Baptist Church. I was asked to lead a small Bible Study group and I found a new purpose in doing something with ‘Elijah’.

Over the years we have covered many books of the Bible and I have gradually adopted a style for my notes. It is these that are offered here, and Elijah is among them (Still with some ‘old’ phrases)!  

I am having to re-edit these studies for the Internet, and many maps, pictures etc that I included for our studies are not available to be published online. I have substituted  as many as I can, for others I have simply included a link to the original site for you to copy.

All studies are available as PDF files - click ‘HERE’ in the heading section.

I intend to update this site regularly, adding the studies I have already prepared, then moving into new studies as I am able.

Sometimes there are problems with formatting - if you encounter any, please e-mail me, describing the problem and the device you are using.

If you would like to contact me please e-mail: freebsuk@gmail.com   

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