From Joseph to the birth of Moses

‘I am’ Name of God, Three signs, Moses commissioned, Circumcision


Moses & Aaron to Pharaoh.. Bricks without straw. Moses’ family tree


Moses murders, flees to Midian, marries. Meets God at Burning Bush

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Plagues: Blood, Frogs, Gnats, Flies.  Table of plagues


Plagues: Animal death, Boils, Hail, Locusts, Darkness. Pharaoh’s heart.

Israelites leave Egypt. The armies of Pharaoh pursue them.

Crossing the Red Sea

Plague: Death of Firstborn, Passover

Bitter water - healed, grumbling, quails, manna, Sabbath rest

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Water from  rock,  Amalekites defeated

The Ten Commandments given verbally

Some laws expanded. Attitude to God and our fellow humans

At Mt. Sinai, ‘The finger of God’, Faith and salvation  in the O.T.

Laws continued. Compassion.
Offering/Sacrifice. Sabbath/Festivals

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The Covenant. Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, sprinkled blood.

Tabernacle: Materials offered, Ark of the Covenant, Table, Lampstand

Tabernacle: Frames and curtains, Altar, Courtyard, Lampstand oil

23/24 25 26/27

Design of the Sacred Priestly Garments, Ephod, Breastpiece, etc


Instructions for the Consecration of Priests

Basin, Oil, Incense, Atonement money, Bezalel & Oholiab, Sabbath

29 30/31

The Golden Calf


Moses pleads, Tent of meeting, God’s name, Ten Commandments


Sabbath, offerings for construction of the Tabernacle. Bezalel & Oholiab

Tabernacle construction continued, women's offering, cloud of Glory

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