John chapters 1-10

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‘I am the vine’

Introduction: Rabbis and Disciples, Who? When? Where? Why?


1:15,19-36 John the Baptist

1:1-14, 16-18 In the beginning was The Word: The Light, the Creator

1:35-51 Disciples and Nathanael

2:1-11 Jesus turns water into wine at the wedding in Cana

2:12-25 Cleansing the Temple, half-shekel & Oral Torah, whip

3:22-36 John looses his disciples,
Bride / Bridegroom / Friend

4:1-14 Baptism: John, Jesus. Into Samaritan territory

4:15-28 The Woman at the Well

4:28-42 Sowing and reaping. Healing official’s son

5:1-16 The Pool of Bethesda

5:17-22 God’s work, Jesus’ work, equality with God

Chapter 5 is a mini-series on ‘Healing on  the Sabbath’

5:16-21 Jesus gives life by his Spirit


5:22-47 Judgement

6:22-71 I am the Bread of Life

6:1-21 feeding the 5000


7:1-53  Feast of Tabernacles, streams of water

7:53-8:11 Woman taken in adultery

8:12-30  I am the light of the world

8:31-59   Children of Abraham - or the devil?  ‘I am’

10:1-42 I am the Door, the Good Shepherd.  Plain talk

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9:1-41   Healing blindness

For chapter 15: a series of studies  on ‘I am the Vine’  


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3:1-21 Nicodemus - Born Again - salvation , not condemnation

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