How to use these notes

These Small Group Bible Study Notes are for those who wish to study Books of the Bible, verse by verse. Many of these guides are in that form but occasionally the studies are more topical. Some are more like sermons! Often they contain maps or charts.

These Bible studies were designed for use in a group. But feel free to use them as a Commentary for personal Bible Study too – I suggest you stop and try to answer the questions before looking at the answers!

These notes are free and you can use them in any way you like, but not for financial gain.

Most of these guides cover books of the Bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Difficult verses are tackled head-on! Some guides have been split into several sections in order to cover one chapter. Some guides are more topic oriented e.g.: Elijah (1 Kings 16 etc.) or ‘I am the Vine’ (John chapter 15) (and within that, study 4 - verses 1,2,6 & 16: Predestination, Arminianism and Calvinism – but briefly!)


Although these studies are ready to use as a script, sometimes you may need to have some props – each guide will tell you what you will need to prepare. I would recommend that you read slowly through the study first to familiarise yourself with its contents.

Always, the words in black print are for you to read aloud to the group.

Words in red are questions to ask your group – often this is the best way to involve people. Don’t worry; sometimes there are no answers! Where I suggest an answer it is in blue; you may need to guide the group towards an answer before you continue. Also in blue are notes and reminders for you.


For some studies you may need something to write or draw on to show the whole group. I have used a blackboard, a flipchart, a whiteboard (use ONLY dry-wipe pens) even the back of a roll of old wallpaper hung over a stepladder! You may also need a way to support maps or charts. Of course technology has moved on since I started writing these notes and showing on a monitor or via a projector might be more appropriate now!

All studies will eventually be presented as pages on this site. All guides are also provided in PDF format

If you are able to provide additional materials, so much the better, but be careful not to swamp God’s words with your own.

Take Care! The Internet can be very useful, and can provide many helpful ideas. But some sites will definitely mislead you. has many useful aids, and allows you to produce your own maps (but not the easiest tool to use). I have included some maps, charts etc. where it has been possible but there are restrictions on others – you can print them off, but I can’t put them on the website (in that case I have often included a link).

Be very careful with Biblical dates, generally they should be treated as best guesses only!

You might like to provide everyone with their own A4 copy of a map or chart. Alternatively it may be better to print them in a large ‘poster size’. Many printer drivers include the ability to print a page on 4, 9, 12 sheets etc. which you then paste together (see properties, page setup, page layout or similar – and you will then probably have to scroll within the box to reveal it! That will then open another option for the number of sheets).

Or you could insert your picture into an excel spreadsheet, increase the scaling, and that way force it to print on several sheets. There are also free programs on the internet which may help.

By experience you will find how long a study should last. Always leave people wanting more, not bored to tears! I found that as a rough guide, five or six A4 pages is plenty. Where some of these studies are short you might like to combine them, others may need chopping up.


Occasionally I have used ideas from other people – if you think you may have been copied and are not happy about it, please let me know.

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